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I have always had a passion for the minor masters of modern British Painting – that period loosely covered by the 1880s to late 20th century.

Trawling the auctions and backwaters of the international trade for the last few years, I’ve found numerous paintings from that period by world class painters previously invisible to the local British market.

We have a catholic taste, very broad in subject or style but the paintings we select are always of a certain quality.  Figurative art is a speciality if we have one at all. There is something very exciting about that period in 20th Century art when Modernism began to flourish.  A period of dramatic change in a few short decades, from the realism of the Victorian academics to the semi-abstraction of the various schools of painters influenced by the modernism factory that was inter-war Paris.  It is a constant pleasure and surprise to be discovering such a rich seam of unknown talent outside a rather blinkered British market.

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