Joshua Lumley

Address: Stone Barn, Egerton, Kent, TN27 9AN, UK
Telephone: 01233 756072
Mobile: 07900 901756
Instagram: @joshualumleyantiquerugs
Facebook: @joshualumleyantiquerugs

I established my company in 2004 after a decade in the London auction houses, latterly at Sotheby’s.

Establishing my own business allowed me to focus on the types of rugs I love the most, and to see the whole process through, from sourcing the rug, to getting it restored, to placing it in the right interior in a client’s house.  I continue to be excited by finding the perfect rug for a particular project and by the evolution of design, colour and style in interiors, and I like rugs that have a beauty of colour, and an informality of design. I like the softness and subtleness of colour and texture that comes with age.

I specialise in sourcing beautiful antique Persian, Caucasian and Indian carpets for English country house interiors.  Hanging on my bedroom wall at home I have an 16th century Flemish ‘Feuille de Choux’ tapestry fragment – a beautiful close-up of leaves, birds and all sorts of other creatures.

Sourcing rugs of highly varied origin for a private client’s country house was particularly memorable.  Persian and Turkish 19th century carpets including Zieglers, Feraghans and Ushaks were sourced for the main reception rooms, whereas in the bedrooms and bathrooms we used an eclectic mix of Spanish, Swedish, Moroccan and other European rugs and kilims to give each space an informal and unique atmosphere.


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