John Barkes

Address: 22 Tower Road, Berwick-upon-Tweed, TD15 2BD
Telephone: 01289 331277
Mobile: 07930 474980

Fifty years ago I was advised to buy a map of England, colour in the area enclosed by the Circle Line, and always stay inside it.

A wiser friend took me to Paris in 1972 and introduced me to the fabled Old Master prints and drawings dealers of the Left Bank, on Rue de Seine and Quai St Michel.  I soon found my own way to Amsterdam, and a few years later family ties sent me to Sydney and Melbourne.

In the early 1990s sheer luck took me St Petersburg, an opportune discovery at a time when the grander London auction houses were becoming impossible to deal with. More recently, about six years ago, I set off to Kiev to investigate the galleries and artists I had first encountered online. Times change, but I still really enjoy looking for paintings.

I am pleased to bring my latest discoveries to the Digital Decorative Fair. Twelve oil sketches priced under £600, including works by my favourite artists in St Petersburg (Molteninov) and Kiev (Shponko, Iskam, Vitkovski) together with some striking images from less familiar studios.