Joanna Booth

Address: 11 Elizabeth Court, 47 Milmans  Street, London SW10 ODA
Mobile: 07711047640
Telephone: 020 7352 8998
Instagram: Joannaboothantiques

I started the business in 1965 with a shop in the Kings Road.  It was the swinging sixties so I swung along too.


I had always been interested in early history and initially houses which then merged into their contents and so I was hooked into early art.

BY THE WAY –  I enjoy our wild garden, at our home on the Welsh borders, which has a stream and a waterfall.

SPECIALIM – I specialise in wood carvings and sculpture, some early furniture, textiles and tapestries and Old Master Drawings.

There are few dealers now who specialise in early antiques as sadly they are not as fashionable as 20th century art, but for that reason I think they are a very good investment.   I would always prefer a Gothic Madonna to a Damian Hurst, possibly Mr. Hurst would like that too!

MOST COVETED OBJECT – The Swansea Altarpiece in the Victoria and Albert Museum.  It is an early English masterpiece carved in alabaster.

LATEST DISCOVERY – I bought a very fine early English single figure of St. Simon in alabaster in Germany, not quite the same as the Swansea altarpiece but still a good example of its kind.


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MEMORABLE PROJECT – A few years ago I sold many carvings to a restaurant and it created a totally original and fantastic interior; and the food was good too!

TOP TIP – Just buy what you like and do not think you are going to get a better price at auction.  Make friends with a dealer you like and you should not go wrong.

FAVOURITE PLACE FOR INSPIRATION – Kilpeck Church in Herefordshire is the most inspirational  church with amazing carvings dating from the 12th century.

THE DECORATIVE FAIR – As with many others I find the Decorative Fair full of variety and very lively.