Foster and Gane

Foster and Gane

Address: Three Pigeons, Milton Common, Thame, Oxfordshire OX9 2JN
Telephone: 07714 269 719
Instagram  @fosterandgane

Foster & Gane are a mother and son partnership curating an ever-changing collection of fine & decorative antiques and 20th century design. We have a large selling space at Three Pigeons, just off the M40 in Oxfordshire, right next to architectural salvage experts LASSCO.  By not concentrating solely on a specific period of design, we can buy whatever we find interesting and through researching it learn something totally new – that’s the exciting part!

We buy what we love. That could be a 17th century textile or a 1970s print, an important cabinet or a Folk Art chair. Our stock is eclectic but there’s a common thread of thoughtful design, careful craftsmanship and rarity. We are dedicated to building our collection with these criteria.

We’re always happy to advise clients on how to use antiques well in a room, the best way of laying out furniture, and suggesting the right piece for the period or style of the house.

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We hope what we’re doing differently is buying things that no one else has. That way, we can make the showroom sing – which can then be transposed into our clients’ houses. We may have something curious from antiquity alongside pieces from, say, the 18th and the 20th centuries and yet they look right together. We look at thousands of possible purchases every week but alight on the unusual and only buy a couple of things. We have to feel excited about the things we buy. It’s a gut feeling. If we haven’t seen it before, that’s usually an exciting starting point, but we can be equally excited by a particularly good example of iconic design which may be more recognisable.