Bleu Anglais / Noel Chapman

London based, by appointment
Contact:  Noel Chapman
Telephone: 020 8988 0133
Mobile: 07949 434529
Instagram: @bleuanglais

With a lifelong interest in textiles, folk arts and crafts, I am excited by finding new pieces with a history and story to tell, pieces embedded in culture and historical significance. Disappearing human skills, traditions and crafts that become more valuable and appealing as modern life continues to sweep away everything in its wake at an evermore increasing pace.

Specialising primarily in indigo textiles, mostly from China and Japan, sometimes elsewhere. The textiles of ordinary folk are what interest me, rather than the grand imperial styles; simple handmade pieces many of which were part of everyday life, ancient traditions with local, village and regional character and interpretations, often very humble and honest. More recently I have been finding fascinating colourful and often novelty conversational patterned textiles from the Cultural Revolution era of China, that often incorporate updated traditional motifs and symbols, juxtaposed with bold communist imagery celebrating China’s modern industrial awakenings.

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From time to time, I’m asked to source particular pieces and am happy to work with interior decorators and stylists, wardrobe and costume people for film etc.

I source and work within quite a narrow parameter that sets me apart, but allows me to specialise and focus, often working quite closely with collectors and customers internationally.