Anthea AG Antiques Ltd

Contact – Anthea Gesua
Address – Stand 154 – 155 Gray’s Antiques Centre, 58 Davies Street, London W1K 5LP
Telephone – 020 7493 7564
Mobile – 07956 287678
Email –
Instagram – @anthea_gesua

Luckily I found this hobby which led to my business when my children went to school.

I have always loved jewellery and have only bought pieces I love.  My taste has tended towards jewellery that a woman can dress up or dress down and can grow old with.  I try and buy pieces that are wearable, different and quality.

My style is diverse, but I am a fan of earrings, the most important jewel as they dress the face.  I love the richness of old gold that over the years has lost its sharpness.  The wonderful over the top 1940’s gold bracelets and collars.

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My projects are usually the 7 shows I do a year where I try to give each one a different look with the stock and stand. Sadly that is on hold and I miss the interaction with customers. The fairs give dealers a chance to share their enthusiasm for their pieces with people, to encourage and to introduce someone to a new piece, in my case of jewellery.