Top Tips for Successful Antique Furniture Shopping

1. ALWAYS carry a tape measure with you!

2. BE SURE, if you are looking for an item to fit in to a space – whether it be a large bookcase or a small side table – to have with you the dimensions of the area to be filled (e.g. height and width of a wall, or of the sofa/chair the table will sit next to).  Antiques are unique items which can be bought and taken home there and then – if you miss a purchase because you don’t know whether an item will fit your purposes, you may lose out to another buyer.

3. BE REALISTIC with your budget – have an idea of what you can afford to spend, and spend it wisely.  Try to buy the best quality you can – it should repay you in the long run by retaining its value, or even appreciating over the years.

4. DO DISCUSS your needs with dealers – when showing at Fairs, dealers can only bring a certain amount of stock.  If you like a dealer’s style, chances are they’ll have something else you might like, either in their store/showrooms or on their future shopping lists.

Decorators measure up- lighting & mirrors - Decorative FairDecorative Fair Measuring up Decorative Fair

Decorators measure up- lighting & mirrors - Decorative Fair