Time to look at the Garden

The Fair is renowned for offering unusual and classic garden antiques such as statuary, garden seating and tables, planters and urns, and other outdoor decoration.  Antique and mid-century garden pieces are offered “as found”, beautifully-weathered and with the patina of mossy age, which add an instant sense of establishment to a garden or exterior space.

Decorative Fair - Violet Grey

Violet Grey


Decorative Fair - Peter & Lucy Sohier
Peter & Lucy Sohier


Participants with plenty of garden antiques include Jill Palmer, with unusual decorative objects such as terracotta animals, glass cloches and miniature greenhouses; Nicholas Gifford-Mead has fine antique statuary and seating; Violet Grey Decorative brings formal planters and furniture; Martin D. Johnson Antiques has stoneware and architectural elements; Garden Artefacts with implements from spades to dibbers, trugs, boot scrapers, park signage and all sorts of small outdoor paraphernalia; Nikki Page Antiques has metal urns and birdcages, while outdoor and garden room specialists Peter & Lucy Sohier bring tables, seating and decorative eccentricities.

Many other dealers include items in their stock suitable for outdoor living, and for orangeries and garden rooms.


Decorative Fair - Victoria & Patricia Harvey

Victoria & Patricia Harvey

Decorative Fair - Maison & Jardin @ French Country Living
Maison & Jardin @ French Country Living


Decorative Fair

The fair includes an outside ‘garden antiques’ area at the front of the venue
Decorative Fair - Victoria & Patricia Harvey