Trimmings are back! April 2015 Foyer feature: Passementerie

A garden festooned with textile trimming, vintage and antique passementerie, will greet visitors at the Spring Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair, 21-26 April in London’s Battersea Park.  Fashion this season has gone mad for fringe and tassel, appliqué and embellishment.  The Fair will show how this can be used creatively in interior design – on furniture, window treatments, lighting – in both traditional and contemporary ways.  The Fair hopes to bring passementerie back in to the limelight.

Preparations for the display are still underway, but, imagine:  Trees stand centre stage, hung with antique and vintage passementerie trimmings like exotic floral fronds.  Lengths of braid, pom-poms and fringes festoon the tree canopy and, placed below, a selection of antique and 20th century furniture featuring trimming, applied in new ways and traditional fashion. A selection of garden seating will be strewn with embellished cushions.

Vintage & antique lengths of passementerie, textile trimmings - Decorative Fair, landscape

Vintage & antique lengths of passementerie, textile trimmings

From the garden, enter the drawing room of an early C19th house, deliciously decorated in decadent silk trimmed curtains below pelmets brimming with swags and braids.  The walls are awash with original period watercolours depicting rooms and furniture featuring passementerie.  Everything exhibited is for sale.

A designer’s studio displays a mood-board and samples to inspire: illustrations of tassels, fringes, beading, braid, lace and trimming used to great effect, from interiors and fashion pages.  On the walls, antique and vintage peg boards and hook rails will display tassels, tie-backs and lengths of silken rope. Decorative pelmets are displayed above.

An installation of lampshades, created from vintage and antique textiles and of course trimmed with passementerie, will be displayed, all ready to buy and take home.

A draper’s shop display cabinet is filled with assorted lengths of antique and vintage lace, silver and gilt thread, buttons, bobbins and trimmings of every colour, style and description. Feast your eyes and get inspired to furnish your plain upholstery or drapes with a splash of decorative frivolity!

Antique French C19th textiles & passementerie

Antique French C19th textiles & passementerie

Antique French C19th textiles & passementerie