Garden Ornament

The Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair presents a wealth of opportunities to search out unusual antique and vintage garden ornament, an important element of the Fair, especially at the Spring event. Statuary, urns and planters, stoneware, architectural elements, seating and smaller decorative items are all for sale.

Antique and vintage garden furniture often found at the Fair encompasses traditional solid wood benches, fine antique wrought iron seats, carved stone and marble forms both straight and curved, sets of rustic wood and metal café-style chairs and tables.

Martin D Johsnon Stand, terracotta planters, statuary, mirrored window

Martin D Johnson’s stand at The Decorative Fair; terracotta planters, statuary & mirrored window.

Often, dealers will source garden furniture and ornament that retains traces of original moss developed after years of exposure to the elements.  This outdoor ‘patina’ is highly cherished by customers who don’t want a ‘brand new’ look, but a piece that is ready to sit comfortably in its surroundings.

Other garden ideas to look out for  at the Fair are mirror-backed metal window frames, especially with an arched shape, which are very popular with designers of small town gardens to throw light in to an enclosed or walled space; careful positioning of mirrors to reflect the garden back on itself can double the perceived space.  Stone architectural fragments, carefully placed, create an air of antiquity and intrigue.  Elegant marble statuary brings an element of classicism to urban and country gardens, large or small.

Peter & Lucy Sohier stand shot

Peter & Lucy Sohier’s stand at The Decorative Fair.


Peter & Lucy Sohier stand shot