Garden Artefacts | Garden & Conservatory | The Decorative Fair

Garden Artefacts – find a garden fantasy: we have unusual statuary and decorative objects, vintage and antique, for city and country spaces. Many exhibitors showcase wonderful garden sculpture, fountains, natural decorative objects and unusual ideas to decorate any garden space, whether small or vast, in town or in the country.  Statuary, urns and planters, stoneware, architectural elements, seating and smaller decorative items are all found here.

Other garden ideas to look out for are mirror-backed metal window frames, especially with an arched shape, which are very popular with designers of small town gardens; judicious positioning of mirrors to reflect the garden back on itself can double the perceived space.  Stone architectural fragments, carefully placed, create an air of antiquity and intrigue.  Elegant marble statuary brings an element of classicism to urban and country gardens, large or small.

Garden Artefacts