New exhibitor: Bleu Anglais

Noel Chapman of Bleu Anglais will be joining us at our Autumn Fair. Noel collects antique Chinese indigo folk textiles from the late 19th century to pre-cultural revolution.

We’re thrilled to have him join us and you can read more about Noel’s inspiration and favourite pieces in this Selvedge Magazine interview.

BleuAnglais-vintage Chinese indigo folk textile (birds), web

BleuAnglais-vintage Chinese indigo folk textile (web)

Vintage indigo folk textile from rural China. These are the simple handwoven cotton fabrics of everyday country folk and were rarely seen outside of a village life now almost completely disappeared. Known variously as Nankeen Blue and simply as Blue Print Cloth, pieces include; traditional dowry and wrapping cloths, pugai (quilt & bedroll) covers, and panels combine floral and animal motifs with an array of auspicious symbols rich in history and folklore. Many of the pieces were created for marriages, or to celebrate or wish success for Civil Service examinations, and as home blessings and the like. Most pieces date from the first half of the 20th century, some from the end of the 19th century and display their age with the characteristic charm and fading we similarly associate with our beloved indigo blue jeans.